These Are The Best Long-Term & Monthly RV Rental Deals

Long-term RV rentals, if you’re trying to save money, are one of the best ways to travel the country, create new memories, and hand off the hard work when you’re done!

Whether you’re looking for monthly RV rentals or yearly RV rentals, the prices can vary wildly. There are countless rental agencies all vying for your attention — and your dollars — which sets up the perfect scenario for you to win.

If you’re only here for the best deals and want to save time, can help you find the best long-term, yearly, and monthly RV rental contracts available. They force agencies to compete so you save more money and get better terms.


How To Get The Best Deals On Long-Term RV Rentals

10 years ago it was nearly impossible to save money on long-term rentals. Companies knew that you couldn’t compare them against other rental agencies without wasting a large amount of time and employed high-pressure salespeople.

That meant once you got on the phone with them you were either going to buy or give up hope that you could save money and take the trip of a lifetime.

The internet changed the RV rental world and sites like are making it even easier for you to rent an RV from trusted owners and companies.

They’ve also forced those same companies to raise the perks you get, in order to stay relevant in such a highly-competitive industry.

Marketplaces like force RV owners and rental agencies to negotiate rates in order to make money so they’re far more willing to wheel and deal with you, as long as you know where you can negotiate, and which terms are considered non-negotiable.

Marketplaces also give you, the consumer, the power in the deal. You can see upfront whether an owner is willing to let your pets come along, which amenities their RV has, how many can sleep, and the trim-level. Filtering results by your specific needs saves a ton of time.

Having access to customer reviews pushes the power into your hands and limits the fine print RV renters and agencies can get away with. There’s never been a better time to rent than now, especially if you’re willing to negotiate.

This is where long-term yearly vs monthly RV rentals plays a role. In some cases you can actually get lower rates by contracting on a month-to-month basis instead of trying to keep the RV in your custody, on contract, for an entire 12 months at a time.

RV owners are more apt to work with you if you’re checking back in and re-negotiating your contract from month, to month, but this has a small caveat… sometimes you might get stuck re-negotiating during active seasons which can dramatically raise your rates.

If you’re planning to use monthly RV rental contracts to travel for a year you’ll need to verify there’s a clause that will lock in your rates even during the peak season.

Most RV owners are happy to negotiate these terms for you since renting their RV out, even during the peak seasons, is never a guarantee. This is the power of .

Should You Buy Or Stick To Monthly RV Rentals?

When you start to add up the costs of long-term and monthly RV rentals some people begin to wonder if it just isn’t worth it to buy a used RV and take their show on the road.

RV ownership is one of the most expensive endeavours you can undertake and one that we actually recommend against — even if you have the expendable income.

Here’s why…

  • There’s zero headache, frustration, and hidden costs.
  • There’s little to no maintenance and you don’t lose value over time.
  • You don’t need a large upfront investment to rent an RV.
  • You don’t have to worry about where and how to store the RV when you’re not actively using it.
  • There’s no ownership taxes and insurance you have to carry, even if you don’t use the RV.
  • You can test and try different trim levels and manufacturers to figure out what you actually need, if you are sold on owning vs renting.
  • You can spend time figuring out if the RV lifestyle is even for you, or not.

Making the decision to own an RV instead of utilizing rental services is one of the biggest mistakes we see people make. The good part, for you, is that you’re able to rent their RVs from them instead of finding yourself in the same situation.

Arming yourself with the experience of RV ownership (even as a rental) before you actually dive into owning one can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over time between the costs of maintaining the vehicle, insuring the vehicle, and the loss of value they all go through.

Renters on understand this loss of value (and the mounting costs of ownership) which is why they’ve chosen to keep their RV on the road when they’re not using it, instead of letting it collect dust in an empty parking lot somewhere — effectively throwing their money out the window!

So what can you expect to pay when it comes time to rent?

That’s the million dollar question. No pun intended!


Monthly RV Rental Prices & Contract Terms

Now that you’ve realized the benefits of ownership vs rentals, do you realize how much money you’re actually saving? Before we dive into what it costs to rent, let’s take a look at what it actually costs to own.

There’s quite a few factors to consider:

  • The cost of buying the RV.
  • Buying a tow vehicle (for tow-behinds).
  • Maintenance, repairs, and insurances.
  • Travel expenses and lifestyle costs.
  • The overall yearly loss of value.
  • The cost of selling and ownership taxes.

Since prices for each of those factors are all over the board — and vary even more wildly when you compare area vs area — let’s take a look at one of the most common maintenance items and the costs you’ll incur when you have to replace them…


You can’t get away from having to replace them, even if you let the RV sit all-year around. In fact, allowing the RV to sit and collect dust is actually the fastest way to have to replace the tires. The rest of the rubber on the vehicle deteriorates just as quickly, too!

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 for a new set of tires.

Compare that to the cost of renting and you’re already way ahead of the pack!

Then you realize, too, why so many RV owners prefer to rent their vehicles out. It’s a lot cheaper, in the long run, than letting them sit. The maintenance bills are significantly lower for a vehicle that stays active on the road than it is for one that’s rotting away behind an old barn!

So ownership is reserved for the big spenders in life… what’s it actually cost to rent?

We’ve done a lot of digging to find out what you can expect to pay from area, to area, and trim level to trim level, and the math works out to somewhere between $50 to $250 per night, depending on the luxury and size.

You could rent an RV for a full 10 days (what most owners spend in their RV each year) and cover the cost of a cheaper set of tires. When you rent for longer periods of time these rates drop even more.

Something you’ll need to keep in mind, especially if you’re thinking about buying an RV outright or financing one, is that RV owners are always competing against each other. They want your business, for sure, but they want to keep their vehicles running and the maintenance down.

Long-term renters are their Holy Grail because they know they have consistent income coming in, to offset the loss in value of the RV, itself, while also avoiding having to re-negotiate every other week with people who only want the vehicle for a few days at a time.

It should go without saying, RV ownership is incredibly expensive. If you’re on the fence about buying versus long-term rentals, the long-term rental is always going to be the way to go. You get to hand back the keys when you’re done and the owner gets to use your rental fees to keep the value up on their vehicle.

It’s the definition of a win-win situation and RV owners are highly inclined to negotiate with you if you’re showing them that you need the vehicle for longer periods of time.


How To Find The Best Monthly & Long-Term RV Rentals Near You

Connecting with your peers that own RVs and want to keep their maintenance and ownership costs down is the best way to get favorable terms and reduced rates.

From our research, we’ve found that is the best peer to peer network of RV owners and renters online. They currently serve the busiest areas so finding an RV with monthly rates you can negotiate without traveling for hours has never been easier.

With an A+ business rating and years of service you can quickly compare every type of RV rental you can imagine, from trucks and campervans, tow-behinds, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and even the most luxurious homes on wheels you’ll have a hard time wrapping your head around.