The Sunshine State is one of the best places for vacationing and traveling in a Jackonsville RV Rental. When most people think of Florida, they think of beaches on the east and west coast, exotic vacation and nightlife spots in the Miami area, and the massive amounts of amusement parks located in the Orlando and Kissimmee areas.

While these areas have their significance, there are many, many other places to enjoy while RVIng in Florida. Whether you have your own RV or would like to rent one, Florida has quite a bit to offer.

Florida is home to all kinds of campgrounds, RV parks, RV resorts, and other attractions that ensure that there is no shortage of things to do if you are interesting in going on a camping trip or a vacation in a Florida RV rental. This guide will show you the most popular and most enjoyable places to take an RV rental in the state.

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Best Florida State Parks to RV In

  1. Anastasia state park: St. Augustine, FloridaOne major incentive for anybody to visit Florida is to not only to enjoy the outdoors, but also to enjoy attractions that exist along the beach as well. Being nearly 1600 acres, there is no shortage of sightseeing to be had in the Anastasia state park. Also located in St. Augustine, it is close to all of St. Augustine’s historic attractions in the state.
  2. Big Shoals state park: White Springs, FloridaLocated about an hour east of Florida’s Panhandle, Big Shoals state park not only offers a variety of outdoor activities, but also offers whitewater rafting down the Suwannee river. The levels of this river can rise to 59 feet above sea level, meaning it can reach a level III whitewater classification at times. This can provide a nice challenge for anybody who is looking for a challenge when it comes to whitewater rafting.
  3. Blue Spring state park: Orange City, FloridaOne thing about Florida is that it is possible to visit there during the winter and still enjoy most sightseeing outdoors activities, as the temperatures are somewhat manageable even during the winter. The Blue Spring state park offers a lot when it comes to canoeing and kayaking along the St. John’s river even during the winter season. It is also a manatee preservation site, meaning it is one of very few locations in the state where it is possible to see manatees, seeing as they make this park a home during winter.
  4. Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife state park: Homosassa, FloridaAnother home for endangered wildlife is the Homosassa Springs Wildlife state park. This particular state park is home to a lot of wildlife that is considered endangered, including panthers, red wolves, whooping cranes, and black bears. The park has an underwater dome where you can see all kinds of creatures that live underwater, as well. Florida is home to a lot of wildlife that do not make habitats in other states, and being able to see them is an experience in and of itself.
  5. Inglis Bypass Recreation Area: Inglis, FloridaAny RV Camper who is interested in fishing should make it a priority to visit the Ingis Bypass Recreation Area. Not only is it free to visit, it also offers bank fishing for both fresh and saltwater species. It is also close to the Inglis Dam and Island Recreation Area, which offers boat rentals to travel along the lake and enjoy its lakeside attractions.


Top Things to do in Florida

5 Best Attractions to Visit in Florida

  1. Seminole Hard Rock Casinos and Resorts: Tampa Bay and Hollywood, FloridaContrary to popular belief, casinos are not the only thing synonymous with the name “Hard Rock.” The Hard Rock resorts in Tampa Bay and Hollywood are not only close to other ocean-side attractions, but also feature a lot more than just slot machines and blackjack tables, often featuring concerts from some of the most well known performers.
  2. Ginnie Springs:High Springs, Florida – This location has been mentioned before, but is worth mentioning twice, as Ginnie Springs is very much considered Florida’s best kept secret. The entire attraction promises one of the best outdoor experiences ever, as it contains some of the most appealing freshwater structures in the state.
  3. Kennedy Space Center: Merritt Island, FloridaLocated on The “space coast” of Florida, the Kennedy Space Center is one of a kind, hosting live rocket launches that are available for the public to see. Featuring lifelike models of nearly every spacecraft that has graced the United States’ Space program, the Kennedy Space Center offers a breath of fresh air from most other attractions in the state.
  4. Lion Country Safari: West Palm Beach, FloridaAlthough there are plenty of campgrounds in Florida that allow you to see wildlife, sometimes there are risks involved. Also, what happens if you want to see even more wildlife? Visiting the Lion Country Safari, located in West Palm Beach, answers these issues. The Lion Country Safari offers a cruise where you can see over 1000 different animals. Anybody who is RVing in the southeast area of Florida should pay the Lion Country Safari a visit.
  5. Castillo de San Marcos: St. Augustine, FloridaIt’s a shame that this attraction is not well known, because it contains many pieces of real Florida history. The Castillo de San Marcos contains structures that were built centuries ago that have been maintained for the public to view. Along with all the sightseeing, there are also a number of events that are scheduled daily and even classes on how to develop the same skills that were used when battles were fought here during the Civil War.

Top 5 Local Festivals in Florida

  1. The Dragon Festival: Celebrating its fifth year in existence, this festival is Brevard’s version of the Renaissance Festival, which is a well established festival that takes place in the Ft. Lauderdale area. The Dragon Festival is held for a couple of days every mid-January and is themed around medieval and mysticism fantasy. The whole family will enjoy this festival.
  2. The Florida Renaissance Festival: One of the most established festivals in the South Florida area, this lasts for well over a month, starting in the second week in February and lasting through the last week of March. Known as “Ren Fest,” this festival literally has something for everybody, featuring all kinds of figures from the Renaissance era.
  3. The Edison Festival of Light: Anybody looking for a festival in the Ft. Meyers area will get a lot out of the Edison Festival of Light. Celebrating a culture that revolved around the ideas of Thomas Edison, this festival lasts an entire month, from mid-February until mid-March.
  4. The Wanee Festival: The modern day version of Woodstock, The Wanee Festival, held in Live Oak during the later days of April, features all kinds of independent recording artists and performers who play in the style of the classic psychedelic rock styles of the late 1960s, among other styles. This is also called the Spirit of Suwannee Music Festival.
  5. Central Florida BBQ Blowout: Typically taking place for one day during the last week of May, this one day event in Oveido lasts the entire day and has completely free admission. Dozens of BBQ cooks gather to compete here to see who has the best BBQ dish. This event is perfect for any group or family.

Best RV Resorts in Florida

A quick search will reveal that there are dozens of hundreds of RV resorts and campgrounds in Florida. Before determining this list, it is important to know the difference between an RV resort and an RV campground.

Most resorts will cost money, but also function as a vacation spot of sorts where they contain a smattering of amenities. Think of an RV resort as a place where you can park your RV and use it as a hotel room of sorts while you enjoy everything what the resort has to offer on the outside.

Armed with this knowledge, it is time to determine what the best RV resorts are in Florida. This list will be determined based on location, amenities, and proximity to major attractions. Of these, the proximity to major attractions will be prioritized, for the simple fact that there are so many campgrounds and resorts to choose from.


  1. Elite Resorts at Citrus Valley:Clermont, Florida – Let’s face it: Disney world and the all the other amusement parks located in central Florida are often the only reason why some people even think of visiting Florida. The best part about the Citrus Valley Resort is the fact that it is located right next to all these places, and has quite a bit to offer in its own right. It has plenty of space in the form of 6500 square feet, contains a clubhouse, pools, laundry facilities, and even boat launches, as the resort contains a lake. If you are taking an RV to Orlando, Elite Resorts is highly recommended.
  2. Rose Bay Resort Campground: Port Orange, FloridaKnown for its annual NASCAR races as well as Bike Week which takes place in late February and early March, Daytona Beach is also another area in Florida that is very popular to visit. It offers up to 300 spaces, which gets updated on the resort’s website regularly. It also contains a pool, a clubhouse, and other kinds of activities that are common to other RV resort campgrounds. Anybody who is planning to take their RV to the Daytona area should consider Rose Bay.
  3. Ginnie Springs Outdoors:High Springs, Florida – One of Florida’s best kept secrets, Ginnie Springs is easily one of the most visually appealing attractions in all of Florida, if not the entire United States. It will be covered as an attraction later on, but for now it will be covered as an RV resort. As an RV resort, Ginnie Springs Outdoors offers almost too much in terms of outdoor activities. They have individual campsites with both hookups for an RV as well as tents that can be rented out, making camping at Ginnie Springs a legitimate adventure that anybody will enjoy.
  4. KOA of Lake Tarpon/Clearwater: Palm Harbor, FloridaA fair amount of Florida’s major attractions are located on the east coast of the peninsula, but there do exist places that are worth visiting on the west coast as well. The Tampa area is one of these areas, as it is one of Florida’s bigger areas that is host to lots of fun activities. On the outskirts of Tampa is the KOA of Lake Tarpon/Clearwater, which is close to Tampa Bay (as well as the coast of Tampa Bay). It has RV campsites that can accommodate RVs up to 30 feet, and it has dozens of available spaces for any RV.While it only has standard activities for an RV resort, the places that it surrounds more than make up for what it may lack. It’s a good idea for anybody who is interested in taking an RV to the Tampa area to visit the KOA RV resort.
  5. Lake San Marino RV Resort: Naples, FloridaThe southern part of Florida is home to literally hundreds of entertainment venues for everybody. When most people think of the area of “South Florida,” they usually think of the east coast of Florida in the form of places like Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. However, there is a “different” version of South Florida, which exists on the opposite coast. This is where Naples is located, and the Lake San Marino RV Resort is only about an hour or two across from the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area, and offers quite a bit when it comes to staying at an RV resort.

Best RV Rental agencies in Florida

  1. Mid-Florida RV Rentals: Located in Tampa, this agency allows for unlimited miles as well as not having generator fees. This might cost a bit more than other agencies, but the peace of mind is worth it.
  2. RV Rentals of Orlando: Anybody who is interested in renting an RV in the central Florida area will enjoy this agency’s selection as well as their 24/7 support. They also have good drop off and pick up options as well.
  3. Florida Camper Rentals: This is a unique RV rental agency that actually functions as a shuttle service of sorts to attractions and venues in the Orlando and Daytona areas.
  4. SunCoast RV Rentals: Another RV rental agency that is located in Tampa, Sun Coast actually contains many kinds of RVs that are available to rent out of several locations in Florida.
  5. El Monte RV Rentals: While it is specific to the Orlando area, El Monte includes free generators with their rentals, which clears most generator concerns.

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