20 Best Camper & RV Rentals in Florida (By Class)

Looking for an RV Rental in Florida?

Whether you are looking to rent an RV in Florida or just around Miami.

We have uncovered the top 20 best RV Rentals in “The Sunshine State” that will surely give you the best bang for your buck! From class A’s to Campers, we’ve created a list for the highest rated RV’s that you will be sure to love.

Save your time spent scrolling through thousands of RV’s by viewing our top pics, and spend the time you save out adventuring!

Top 5 Class A RV Rentals

1. 2015 Thor Motor Coach A.C.E

Price: $250 per night
Pet Friendly? no
Length: 32 feet
Sleeps: 8

With Deborah Joseph’s 100% response rate, you’ll be hitting the road in no time!

Here’s an interior view of this fine coach

This class A is the perfect fit for your next outdoor adventure!

With sleeping space for 8 and a bed that can fit two full grown adults, this camper is the perfect getaway for families and friends who love the outdoors. With air, heat, and a retractable awning, this camper is set up for any adventure, hot or cold.

Here is what one customer said about this camper:

Amazing week! We felt right at home in Tony & Deb's coach. Very spacious, with more than enough room! It was fully equipped with everything we needed and we look forward to renting from them again.

2. 2017 Thor Motor Coach Hurricane

Price: $186 per night
Pet Friendly? Yes
Length: 35 feet
Sleeps: 8

The 2017 Thor Motor Coach Hurricane is an absolute must have for outdoor going families!

Here’s a peek at the interior

This class A is the perfect fit for your next outdoor adventure!

With sleeping space for 8 and a bed that can fit two full grown adults, this camper is the perfect getaway for families and friends who love the outdoors. With air, heat, and a retractable awning, this camper is set up for any adventure, hot or cold.

Here is what one customer said about this camper:

Gary was amazing. The Motor Coach was extremely clean and well maintained. He went above and beyond to make sure our trip was enjoyable. He thoroughly went through all the ins and outs and made sure he had answered all our questions. Once on the road it ran like a dream. When we got there we were set up within minutes and made ourselves at home. We will definitely be calling Gary in the future. A+++++++

3. 2015 Winnebago Itasca Sunova


Price: $201 per night
Pet Friendly? no
Length: 36 feet
Sleeps: 6

Look no further, as the 2015 Winnebago Itasca Sunova is here to solve all of your travel needs!

Take a look at this beautiful interior:


If you’re planning on staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness, you have just found the perfect camper! The gracious owners of this fine machine will deliver and pick up this camper from Fort Wilderness on your select dates that work. This camper also comes complete with the works for every household appliance you could need!

Here is what Jill said about her experience:

John was ABSOLUTELY awesome! His RV was beautiful and very clean. John answered every question, phone call and text message. We never had to wait for answers. The bed was soooooo comfy. The couch was so nice along with the fireplace and the pop up tv. Loved that it has 2 bathrooms. If you want a good experience on renting an RV please know that John is your guy! We look forward to renting his beautiful RV every March!

4. 2017 Newmar Bay Star

Price: $195 per night
Pet Friendly? Yes
Length: 32 feet
Sleeps: 5

Looking for a pet friendly RV for your next great outdoors adventure?

Wow do we have the perfect fit for you!

The 2017 Newmar Bay Star is both stunning inside and out!


With its roomy sitting and kitchen environment, you’ll be sure to have more laughs and good times than you may be able to handle!

A master bedroom makes for a lovely space for parents to get away while your kids laugh and play cards in the sitting area!

There is also plenty of space for your furry four legged companions to roam freely and not feel trapped!

Here is what Dennis said about this RV:

They are wonderful to deal with, just real people furnishing a good service. No hassle and no pain. I think anyone will have a good experience with both of them. GOOD PEOPLE

5. 2013 Itasca Sunstar


Price: $115 per night
Pet Friendly? no
Length: 27 feet
Sleeps: 4

Looking for a perfect family getaway?

Don’t want to worry about the hassle and set up of other camping options?

Do we have the perfect RV for you!


The 2013 Itasca Sunstar is the perfect size and space for you and your companions to take on the open road! With its fair price, gorgeous interior, and room for activities, this RV will go above and beyond your expectations. It comes equipped with a retractable awning and a beautiful kitchen area which makes for a great combo for family cookouts!

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what Gwennan said:

We rented Karen’s motor home for the holiday weekend as additional lodging. Karen and her husband Dan were extremely accommodating, their response to any questions was quick and they were extremely pleasant to work with. The motor home was in excellent condition, everything was clean and in well working order. Dan went over all the necessary information to our satisfaction. I would definitely recommend Karen and Dan to anyone interested in renting a motohome without reservation as their price was competitive with Cruise America and their customer service was hands down superior.

Top 5 Class B Rv Rentals

1. 2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Price: $169 per night
Pet Friendly? Yes
Length: 24 feet
Sleeps: 6

Want comfort and elegance as you traverse the everlasting landscapes?

Look no further!

The 2012 Mercedes Sprinter is the perfect vehicle to suit your every need while camping

Look at this features!


With the Mercedes-Benz quality and the fine upgrades done by the owners of this great machine, your road trip will be one you surely will never forget! It comes with every amenity including a bike rack for those who love to hit the trails with speed!

Perfect for couples or families, this RV can do it all!

Here is what Matthew said about this wonderful RV:

After renting several times from the big box guys with ugly rigs, I was ready to try a private owner. I wanted a class B to see if the small space was worth it for the gas mileage, ease of driving and ability to park it almost anywhere? This van delivered! We put on 1300 miles in 4 days. The owners were very responsive, easy to work with and quick to answer my texts from the road when I had a question. Each RV has its unique personality, and the owners made it easy to understand this Sprinter Van.

2. 2017 Winnebago Travato


Price: $165 per night
Pet Friendly? No
Length: 22 feet
Sleeps: 4

Planning a getaway with your significant other?

Love the outdoors but still enjoy the comfort of your own home?

Look no further!

The 2017 Winnebago Travato has everything you need!


The 2017 Winnebago Travato combines both comfort and ruggedness to give you an all around amazing experience! With all ammenitites included, you’ll be able to spend less time worrying about what you forgot and more time enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

This is the perfect camper for couples who need to get away from the every day hum and drum life brings.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what Rory said about his experience:


Yosnay's camper was immaculate. Super clean and well-maintained. Yosnay gave me a thorough briefing on all the systems. When I did have a minor issue, he got on the phone and helped me solve it right away. Everywhere I stayed, fellow campers commented on what a nice rig this was. Despite having lots of room inside, this vehicle was very easy to drive and maneuver in parking lots. It was very economical on gas.

3. “Sandy Parker” 2014 Ford E350


Price: 99$ per night
Pet Friendly? No
Length: 20 feet
Sleeps: 4

Would you love to travel the countryside in a van that has a story behind it?

Come dwell at the sight of this beautiful “Sandy Parker” Camper!


This one-of-a-kind van is perfect for any outdoor loving person who wants to travel in both style and comfort. With everything included that you would need for your travels, this camper is a go to winner at a very affordable price. Check this one out to learn more about the backstory behind this unique vehicle.

Here is what Niki said about her experience:

We had an overall amazing experience with Tom and his wife. They were easy to reach when we had questions, were very kind and gave us a lot of useful tips. The van was the perfect size for our needs, was clean and ran great. We were a group of 3, and it was very comfortable for us. The van was so easy to drive and park that it made it a breeze to get around.

4. 1998 Ford Ecoline “Big Old Blue”

Price: 99$ per night
Pet Friendly? No
Length: 21 feet
Sleeps: 2

“Big Old Blue” is a one of a kind camper that pleases the most tasteful eyes.

With its beautifully done custom blue paint job by a local aspiring Miami artist, this camper stands out as a stallion among other vehicles.

This is the perfect camper for couples both young and old to get away with their significant other and shut out the rest of the world.

Here is what the inside looks like

This beautiful cozy interior sets the stage for a night of romance and seclusion as added privacy measure were taken for this camper.

What are you waiting for? Check out this and many other campers and get on the road to your adventures!

Here is what Ashley said about “Big Old Blue”

All you need to explore! Big Blue was comfortable and outfitted with all we needed! We had the best time on our honeymoon! An updated map with overnight parking spots would be helpful.

5. 2011 Ford Ecoline Spaceman

Price: 79$ per night
Pet Friendly? No
Length: 21 feet
Sleeps: 2

If you enjoy a groovier slice of life then the 2011 Ford Ecoline “Spaceman” is perfect for you!

With a completely stocked kitchenette and a beautiful custom paint job, the “spaceman” is perfect for those who love the cooler side of life.

Here is a peek at the interior

Staying true to its name, the “Spaceman” comes with features that are out of this world!

With everything you could possibly need on your adventure and a response time of under an hour for inquiries, what’s holding you back from your next great accomplishment?

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what Jan said:

Traveling around Florida in the van was great! We enjoyed the freedom to stay wherever we want. Communication with Julio before, during and after the trip was great. Would do it again immediately!

Top 5 Class C Rv Rental's

1. 2016 Thor Motor Coach Freedom Elite

Price: 169$ per night
Pet Friendly? Yes
Length: 29 feet
Sleeps: 8
Looking for an RV with plenty of space but want to keep the practicality? Need to stay on a budget and work with reliable, helpful owners? Look no further as you have found everything you need! Take a look at this beautiful interior:

Love being able to enjoy quality time with friends and family without sacrificing space? This is the RV for you. Need owners who will be helpful and insightful during your renting process? This is the RV for you. Still don’t think this is the RV for you? listen to what Jacque said and your mind will surely change.
This was our first experience driving a coach. It was simple to drive and to maneuver, inside and out! Adam was very patient and responsive to our many questions! Thank you for sharing the fun! 😃

2. 2014 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Majestic

Price: 129$ per night
Pet Friendly? Yes
Length: 24 feet
Sleeps: 5
Love a reliable motor home but not sure where to start with renting one? Adrian’s Four Winds might just be the catch of the day for you!
With an owner who is dedicated to giving his renters a great experience, this machine is perfect for first time and long time renters!
Here is a look at the interior

This interior is a little slice of heaven in a motor home, Coming already equipped with everything you’ll need to hit the road and stop worrying about if you forgot something.

With a great price of 129$ per night, this is the perfect RV to start your life long career as a RV renter!

If you’re having second thoughts, look at what Anne said about her first time renting with Adrian:

First time renting an RV. I previously owned one so I knew how to drive one and use a dump station. That being said, Andrian made sure he went over all the important details about using a class C RV. Showed me that everything worked and recent vehicle upkeep records. I appreciated being able to rent a dog friendly vehicle. No extra pet fee, or outrageous cleaning fee. We used it to take our 2 bird dogs to hunt testing. The perfect vehicle for this weekend. The AC worked great which is really important here in Florida. Plenty of room for the 2 of us and the dogs. He was so friendly,and accommodating. It was a positive experience.
lake george new york pop up camping

3. 2013 Coachmen Freelander

Price: 142$ per night
Pet Friendly? Yes
Length: 26 feet
Sleeps: 7
Planning a long trip across country with many miles per day? Look no further as we have the RV of your dreams!
Through the gracious owner Joel, this RV is up for rent throughout Florida!
Here’s a look at the interior

Almost everything you could possibly need is available or available upon request through the owners of this RV.

This camper is also both pet and festival ready, giving you free range to travel with whomever and wherever your heart may desire.

This camper provides plenty of space for any activities you and your companions may have planned, and Joel backs its comfortable seating.

Here is what Mohsen said about this RV

It was actually the best vacation I've ever had. Joel is a very nice and polite person. He replies the messages immediately. Although it's not a brand new RV, it's very trustable and cozy.
lake george new york pop up camping

4. 2016 Winnebago View

Price: 180$ per night
Pet Friendly? Yes
Length: 24 feet
Sleeps: 4
Looking for a great reliable camper for your family of four?
Trying to get away from the everlasting rush of daily life?
Take a road trip in the 2016 Winnebago View and you will surely be pleased.
Here’s a look at the interior.

This is a very modern RV and with it being so, comes with all the bells and whistles you could want for any outdoor vacation. With the practicality of everyday life inside and the reliability of a Winnebago, this RV may be your next stop to the start of a adventure you will remember for a lifetime.

Perfect for any weekend getaway or a extended vacation from daily life.

Here is what Jonathan said about his experience with this RV:

Harley made the rental experience an absolute dream. The View is very well-maintained, clean, and fully-operational. Harley made sure to walk us through everything we needed to know before we set out on our adventure. If you're looking for a nimble, easy-to-drive RV, Harley has just the vehicle you've been looking for!

5. 2016 Forest River Sunseeker 3050S

Price: 164$ per night
Pet Friendly? Yes
Length: 32 feet
Sleeps: 8
Perfect RV for those who love to relax and enjoy quality time with friends and family.
Comes equipped with many necessities that will make your time renting smooth and pain free.
Very helpful owner who will answer and assist with any questions you may have.
Here’s a look at the interior.

Very gorgeous modern design that will appeal to anyone who rents this wonderful machine.

Comes with an outdoor entertainment system for those who like to pull out the lawn chairs and listen to good tunes during the day.

Very affordable for first time renters or long time renters.

Here is what Dan said about his experience:

Tracey is a wonderful communicator and she and her husband do a thorough walk through with you and their RV. The RV is GREAT and has everything you might need from kitchen appliances/dishes/etc. to snacks, towels, pillows, sheets, and so much more. They allowed me to park my Jeep at their house (where the RV otherwise sits) which made pick-up/drop-off a breeze. I forgot a few minor things in the RV (I am NOT the best cleaner) and Tracey was kind enough to drop our Library Book back in the mail to me! I have no complaints. Great RV; Great Owner; Great Value; Great Communication. Thank You!
rv camping lake mcconaughy

Top 5 Travel Trailer Rentals

1. 2018 Jayco Jay Flight

Price: 100$ per night
Pet Friendly? Yes
Length: 34 feet
Sleeps: 8
Planning on staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness?
Look no further as you have just discovered a deal of a lifetime!
The 2018 Jayco Jay is the perfect travel trailer for you and your family, as the owners will take care of you like family.
Here is a look at the interior

You will surely be pleased as you first step into this gorgeous trailer!

With everything provided, all you would need to bring is food and clothing for yourselves!

The gracious owners will drop off and pick up the trailer at the times you choose, which means less hassle and pain for your vacation!

Here is what Ary said about their first experience with this Trailer:

We couldn't have asked for a better experience! This was our first time RVing and Charles really made it easy for us! He delivered it to our campsite, set everything up, had all the water tanks filled, gas tanks filled, waste tanks emptied, the interior and exterior was spotless, he showed me how to operate the generator, lights, AC, grills, everything! He even has the RV fully stocked with everything you will need - kitchen plates, cups, silverware, etc... outdoor lawn chairs, linen, towels, everything was fresh and clean! We had 4 adults and 2 children stay, and there was plenty of room for more. The refrigerator kept all our food/drinks cold, and runs even when the generator is off (propane fridge)! The AC was ice cold and even had to turn it off at times (even in Florida's summer!). We will definitely call Charles again for our next RV trip!
best rv camping at crater lake oregon


Price: 86$ per night
Pet Friendly? Yes
Length: 28 feet
Sleeps: 8
Looking for a very cheap daily rental on a travel trailer?
Need all the amenities included in your rental?
Look no further as the 2018 Coleman has you covered!
Here’s a look at the interior

With its gorgeous and updated interior, this is the perfect travel trailer for anyone to rent, and at an amazing price!

It even has plenty of room for you furry four legged friends to come along!

Enjoy a comfortable, peaceful trip in this trailer, without breaking the bank.

Here is what Rosemarie said about this trailer:

We were very comfortable in this model, everything worked well , very clean. The experience of driving up , and no work to do was great. I usually tent camp , but age & a crappy back has made me reevaluate the way we camp.

3. 2016 Jayco Jay Feather Ultra Lite

Price: 80$ per night
Pet Friendly? Yes
Length: 15 feet
Sleeps: 4
Looking for a smaller, lightweight travel trailer for your smaller crew?
Need the reliability of a new trailer?
Look no further as the 2016 Jayco Jay Feather Ultra Lite has got you covered!
Take a look at this interior

With a modern trailer comes modern feature, and even though this is a smaller trailer, it sure packs a punch with what is included!

A retractable awning is very sought after with a trailer this size, lucky for you this trailer comes with an awning included!

Here is what Shameer said about their experience:

First time renter, had a great experience. Jeff delivered and setup the camper as well as picked it up after we were done. Camper was clean and well equipped with linens and pots pans etc , although we had our 'tent' camping gear so we did not use them. Jeff was easy to get a hold of and pretrip communication as great. May do it again soon!

4. 2014 Forest River Salem Hemisphere

Price: 100$ per night
Pet Friendly? Yes
Length: 31 feet
Sleeps: 9
The 2014 Forest River Salem Hemisphere is a large travel trailer that is here to impress.
With it being so large it comes with almost all daily house appliances you could need!
Here is a look at the interior.

As you can tell, this is a very spacious travel trailer that will suit the needs of any family who decides to traverse the outdoors.

this space provides a very practical, yet homely environment for adults and children alike!

Here is what Alvertis said about his experience with this trailer:

Michael was awesome. The entire rental experience was amazing and the camper was amazing. My family and I enjoyed an amazing stay at a rv park in Tampa, FL and created great memories with our daughters. We enjoyed 3 amazing nights in the camper with no issues or complaints. The camper has all the amenities of home and provided the best experience for our family's first time camping in a camper. We look forward to our next adventure and throughly enjoyed and appreciated Michael, the excellent camper, exceptional customer service, and great hospitality. A+ service!!! Thank you Michael for aiding in my family's memories!
camping in yosemite ca

5. 2017 Jayco Jay Flight

Price: 75$ per night
Pet Friendly? No
Length: 32 feet
Sleeps: 6

Camping in Fort Wilderness? Need a trailer that will be set-up-free and has everything you need?

You have found the one for you!

The 2017 Jayco Jay Flight is the perfect option for those who want to rent with little to no hassle!

Here is a look at the interior

This beautiful interior will set the stage for a camping trip you will never forget!

With all 32 feet of space, there is more than enough room for activities of all sizes for the entire family!

This trailer also comes with almost every appliance you could ever need!

Here is what Sarah said about this trailer:

Amazing overall experience! The outdoor and indoor kitchens were great. The shower has a small tub, which with small kids, was a lifesaver at bath time. The bunk room fold out chairs are perfect for kids that are too small for bunks. Our kids slept really comfortably on the folded out chairs with fitted sheets for naps and overnight. Kris was very kind and responsive if we had any questions. The reversible TV for the master is great for kids and parents! The delivery and set up to Ft Wilderness Campground was extremely simple thanks to Kris.
rv camping park

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