When it comes to RV rentals, you want to choose a trusted company that could offer you great services at affordable prices. Recreational vehicle rental, or RV rental, means that you can basically rent trailers or motor vehicles to live in temporary.

You can rent things like caravans, motorhomes, campervans, truck campers, and many others. Doesn’t it sound like a great idea? Living in a trailer for a certain period can be a challenge at first, but you can turn it into an amazing experience with the right rental company.

rent by owner or by companyRV Rent by Owner vs. Company Rental

You can rent an RV through company rentals or rentals by owner. As expected, both of them are different and come with their own sets of pros and cons. Here is what to expect from RV rentals:

RV Rent by Owner

This category allows you to find the best RV rentals by owner that are close to you, so you can find something that you like and is not too far away. Such services are offered by Outdoorsy and RV Share.


  • It’s easier to browse through listings without having to speak to salesmen or drive to the nearest dealership.
  • In case you’re planning on renting RVs occasionally, services such as RV Share have a cash back program.
  • On Outdoorsy, for instance, the paperwork is easy, and all the money and work transfers are done by the renting platform. Therefore, you won’t spend so much time worrying about your next journey’s plan.
  • You get a $10,000-guarantee from RV Share if you book through the Share Payment System.
  • On Outdoorsy, you are able to use the peer to peer platform to get a feel for the right platform before you invest your money in an RV.
  • If you choose to upgrade from the standard policy on RV Share, you have an optional $1M insurance option.


  • Some RVs are not pet-friendly, so it may be hard to take your beloved pet with you during the trip. It’s better to check the reviews or talk to the RV owner about this before renting.
  • Sometimes, there are not many RVs available, as certain models may not be found in some areas.
  • The owner may take too long to answer your messages, as some usually change their mind about renting their RV but forget to remove the listing.


Company Rentals

Company rentals have a bigger team and multiple cars to choose from. Cruise America is such a company.


  • You have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, so it’s much easier to find something that fits your needs.
  • The vehicles provided are usually good, so you can experience an amazing trip with a functional vehicle.
  • If you rent in advance, you may get a lower price.


  • They may be very expensive, especially if you rent a vehicle last minute.
  • The vehicles may be good, but not always in excellent condition.

So, here are the 3 of the most trusted companies out there, to ensure that you enjoy your time in this temporary accommodation.

Our Top 3 Recommended RV rental Companies

RV Share

rv share rental companyRV Share can be your buddy when it comes to going on road trips. If you want something different than going to a hotel, you can choose to rent a trailer.

Having a motorhome can let you explore the world while still enjoying the comfort of a house. Because they thought about this, RV Share makes it easier for you to find the best deals in your area from both dealerships and private owners.

A rental booked online through this company comes with 24-hour travel concierge and roadside assistance. Also, by booking online through the secure RV Share payment system, you get a $10,000 guarantee. Both of these can ensure your peace of mind and offer a successful trip.


rent by owner outdoorsyThe company’s name makes it clear: it targets outdoor lovers who don’t need fancy hotel rooms for a great trip. So, you can easily rent a trailer through them and enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

What makes Outdoorsy so special? Well, the team made sure that you can rent a trail for a good price and save some money in the meantime. Sometimes, booking a hotel or using your personal car is pricey. So, Outdoorsy allows you to save that money and use it for other needs.

Some of the advantages of this company are:

  • 20-63% percent less expensive travel for a family of 4 compared to other vacation types
  • 44-60% percent less expensive travel for a couple compared to other vacation types
  • For a Class A travel, the savings are 10-45% percent lower compared to other options.


Cruise America

rv rental and sales cruise americaCruise America is a rental firm, and it’s the nation’s largest RV rental company. It has 131 locations and about 300 employees at peak season in Canada and the U.S.

The company is known for owning thousands of rental vehicles. So, you have plenty of options to choose from, such as a truck camper, standard, compact and large RV rental.

What’s more, every year, Cruise America buys new vehicles from different manufacturers to ensure great service and meet your needs. Based on its specific category, each vehicle comes with certain facilities, so you can choose whatever you like.

The rental prices may vary depending on location, season and availability. Still, if you book in advance, you may get one for a lower price. Thankfully, their website has a tool that lets you estimate the amount of the rental, so it makes your job easier.


Final Thoughts

RV rental allows you to live in a trailer while traveling, offering you unique experiences. Not to mention that you can also save some money in the process. In the end, it’s up to you to decide which suits you better: company rental or rental by owner. The top 3 RV rental companies do not have rentals in every state so you may need to start by deciding which RV destination you want to visit then pick a company.  Here are our top 15 RV destinations across America and our top 37 lake RV camping destinations.  Travel safe!